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Prof. Dr. Rolf Winter

Prof. Dr. Rolf Winter

Professor of Computer Networks

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg


Before joining the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg as a Professor of Computer Networks in 2011, Rolf worked as Senior Researcher at the NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg, Germany, where he was working on software-defined networking, Internet protocol standardization and various research projects such as the EU-funded Trilogy project.

Before that, Rolf earned his PhD at Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) in the areas of cross-layer optimizations, P2P networks and wireless ad hoc networks. In 2017, Rolf co-founded Conntac – The Self-Service Company, a startup that empowers users of its software to handle difficult technical tasks themselves without the help of domain experts. Today, that software helps thousands of users every day to troubleshoot, install and optimize their network. Rolf is also the co-host of “Neulich im Netz” a biweekly podcast on internet technologies, protocols and phenomena.

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