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Data Ecosystems and Standards
Dr. Tobias Jacobs

Dr. Tobias Jacobs

Senior Researcher

Group Involvement, NEC Laboratories Europe

Data Ecosystems and Standards

Research Interests

Tobias generally enjoys working on challenging problems in Machine Learning and Computational Optimization. He is particularly interested in Reinforcement Learning techniques for problems with graph-structured data, representing both factual and procedural knowledge.


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  • Jacobs, T., & Longo, S. (2015, June). A study of caching strategies for Web service discovery. In 2015 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (pp. 464-471). IEEE.
  • Höhn, Wiebke, and Tobias Jacobs. "On the performance of Smith’s rule in single-machine scheduling with nonlinear cost." ACM Transactions on Algorithms (TALG) 11.4 (2015): 1-30.
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  • Jacobs, T. (2012). Analytical aspects of tie breaking. Theoretical Computer Science, 465, 1-9.
  • Cicalese, F., Jacobs, T., Laber, E., & Valentim, C. (2012). The binary identification problem for weighted trees. Theoretical Computer Science, 459, 100-112.


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