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Data Ecosystems and Standards
Dr. Gurkan Solmaz

Dr. Gurkan Solmaz

Senior Researcher

Group Involvement, NEC Laboratories Europe

Data Ecosystems and Standards

Research Interests

Gürkan’s research interests include AI/ML, mobile computing, and cloud-edge systems for novel internet of things (IoT) applications to smart cities and smart mobility.


  • N.Blefari-Melazzi, S.Bartoletti, L.Chiaraviglio, F.Morselli ,E.Baena, G.Bernini ,D.Giustiniano, M.Hunukumbure, G. Solmaz, K. Tsagkaris, “LOCUS: Localization and Analytics On-Demand Embedded in the 5G Ecosystem,” in Proc. of EuCNC’20, Jun 2020.
  • G. Solmaz, J. Fürst, S. Aytac, and F.-J. Wu. “Group-In: Group Inference from Wireless Traces of Mobile Devices.” In Proc. of ACM/IEEE IPSN'20, April 2020.
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  • 1M. Djurica, G. Romano, G. Karagiannis, Y. Lassoued, and G. Solmaz. “oneM2M-Based, Open, and Interoperability IoT Platform for Connected Automated Driving.” In ITS European Congress, June 2019.
  • 1J. Xu, G. Solmaz, R. Rahmatizadeh, L. Boloni, and D. Turgut. “Providing Distribution Estimation for Animal Tracking with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.” In Proc. of IEEE GLOBECOM'18, December 2018.
  • 1F.J-Wu and G. Solmaz. “CrowdEstimator: Approximating Crowd Sizes with Multi-modal Data for Internet-of-Things Services.” In Proc. of ACM MobiSys'18, pp. 337-349, June 2018.
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  • J. Fürst, M. Fadel Argerich, K. Shankari, G. Solmaz, and B. Cheng. “Applying Weak Supervision to Mobile Sensor Data: Experiences with Transport Mode Detection.” In Proc. of AAAI-20, Workshop on Artificial Intelligence of Things, February 2020.
  • G. Solmaz, E. L. Berz, M. D. Farahani, S. Aytac, B. Cheng, J. Fürst, and J. d. Ouden. “Learn from IoT: Pedestrian Detection and Intention Prediction for Autonomous Driving.” In Proc. of ACM MobiCom'19, Workshop on Emerging Smart Technologies and Infrastructures for Smart Mobility And Sustainability, October 2019.
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