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Biomedical AI

Digital Health is a rapidly growing business for the NEC Group. In the Biomedical AI group, we consider challenges from prevention, diagnosis, and through treatment. We have particularly focused our efforts in the areas of infectious disease and immuno-oncology.

We have developed computational pipelines combining bioinformatics and machine learning approaches for developing personalized cancer vaccines that have been validated with wet-lab collaborators and currently being tested in clinical trials (see press release with Transgene). We also recently worked on prophylactic vaccines that can maximally protect the global population from SARS-CoV-2 responsible for COVID-19 (see press release with NOI)

Due to the interconnected nature of the biomedical work, we particularly focus on graph-based AI methods that reveal the hidden relationship of the underlying data. We work with multi-modal data, such as high throughput ‘omics data in association with patient demographics, free text from clinical notes, radiological images, time series observations from patient vital signs, gene regulatory networks, and more. We have built an in-house biomedical knowledge graph, which we use both as a knowledge base for storing public data, such as gene annotations, and as an input for graph-based AI methods, such as predicting adverse events from drug combinations.

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