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Dr. Félix Gómez Mármol

Dr. Félix Gómez Mármol

Senior Researcher

University of Murcia, Spain


Félix Gómez Mármol is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information and Communications Engineering at the University of Murcia, Spain. His research interests include cybersecurity, Internet of things (IoT), machine learning and bio-inspired algorithms. He received a M.Sc. (Honors) and Ph.D. (Honors) in Computer Engineering from the University of Murcia.

Félix has published over 50 articles in journals indexed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), over 20 articles in international conferences and written two book chapters about Information and Communications Technology. His research contributions have accrued over 2500 citations (h-Index 24). Félix has accumulated seven international patents, and created two open source projects with over 10,000 and 2,500 downloads, respectively.

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Félix has participated as Technical Program Committee member in more than 100 international conferences, and has held 15 times the conference positions of General Co-Chair, Program Co-Chair, Publicity Co-Chair and Industry Co-Chair. He has collaborated as editorial board member of six international journals and has been guest editor for special issues of international journals 11 times.

Félix has contributed to:
• Four national R&D contracts and was Principal Investigator (PI) in one
• Four international R&D contracts and was PI in one
• 12 national and regional R&D projects and was PI in five
• 14 European research projects and was PI in five


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