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Scientific Brief    |    Apr 12, 2024

Identifying Facts in Text with Fact Extractor

Human-Centric AI Knowledge graphs Qualitative evaluation Multilingual systems Explainable AI Information extraction Annotation platform Datasets

Information is being generated faster than humans can process it. This impedes our ability to acquire knowledge, which is slowing down scientific discovery and the advancement of technology. How can humans absorb information at the pace it is being created?

Technology Overview    |    Mar 28, 2024

Human-Centric AI: A Road Map to Human-AI Collaboration

Human-Centric AI Multilingual systems Datasets Annotation platform Explainable AI Qualitative evaluation Knowledge graphs

AI systems perform tasks that normally would require human intelligence, and can accomplish them faster by rapidly consuming and analysing large amounts of complex data. That’s the theory. In practice, many instances of applied AI fail spectacularly. In some cases, we don’t even notice!

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