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Antonio Albanese, Vincenzo Sciancalepore, Xavier Costa-Pérez: “SARDO: An Automated Search-and-Rescue "Drone-based Solution for Victims Localization", accepted to IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing

Paper Details

Natural disasters affect millions of people every year. Finding missing persons in the shortest possible time is of crucial importance to reduce the death toll. This task is especially challenging when victims are sparsely distributed in large and/or difficult-to-reach areas and cellular networks are down. In this paper, we present SARDO, a drone-based search and rescue solution that leverages the high penetration rate of mobile phones in the society to localize missing people. SARDO is an autonomous, all-in-one drone-based mobile network solution that does not require infrastructure support or mobile phones modifications. It builds on novel concepts such as pseudo-trilateration combined with machine-learning techniques to efficiently locate mobile phones in a given area. Our results, with a prototype implementation in a field-trial, show that SARDO rapidly determines the location of  mobile phones (~3 min/UE) in a given area with an accuracy of few tens of meters and at a low battery consumption cost (~5%). State-of-the-art localization solutions for disaster scenarios rely either on mobile infrastructure support or exploit onboard cameras for human/computer vision, IR, thermal-based localization. To the best of our knowledge, SARDO is the first drone-based cellular search-and-rescue solution able to accurately localize missing victims through mobile phones.

Accepted to:          IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing

To be published:    2021

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