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Life at NLE



Research Scientist

NLE gives me the freedom to explore and research what I'm interested in and at the same time I can draw my inspiration from real-world problems coming from our business units. The combination of publishing at top-tier conferences and helping shape solutions to create social value is very motivating.


Senior Researcher

NLE gave me the freedom to establish my own project from the ground up and allowed me to balance business with scientific impact. Less than two years and several publications later, my code has grown from its primary stage into one that is actively used by other NEC research laboratories and has been adopted by NEC for customer deployments.


Software Engineer

Joining NLE exposed me to many growth opportunities ranging from working with 5G experts across different organizations to participating in quality summer & winter schools. NLE is accelerating my path towards my professional dream of becoming a cloud expert for the telecom industry.


Senior Researcher

My background is telecommunications research and my interest is discovering mathematical properties in technical problems. NLE gives me the opportunity to apply this interest in various domains and work with other open-minded scientists.  In recent years, this cooperation enabled me to publish at one of the best conferences in Artificial Intelligence.


Research Scientist

NLE has played an important role in my professional growth. Coming as a former post-doc, I had the opportunity to strongly influence the technology strategy of our group and, supported by internal coaching, I could present project proposals to decision makers in Japan.

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